Niamh Fitzgerald  •  Sep 12, 2013

Talking or Testing: Which is Easier?

This is the title of our recent blog post on that discusses wider issues that could inform us as to why many doctors do not deliver brief interventions.  There have been many interesting follow up discussions on the INEBRIA Google Group.  Its easy to join, if you're interested in that kind of thing! Read more
Niamh Fitzgerald  •  Aug 04, 2013

MI Training with Miller & Rollnick

Niamh recently attended this excellent training course in Cardiff with the originators of MI.   Read more
Niamh Fitzgerald  •  Aug 04, 2013

Implementation of ABI Research

Niamh Fitzgerald  •  Jun 12, 2013

Scottish Huntingtons Association Youth Service

Susie Heywood is currently leading an evaluation of the youth services of Scottish Huntingtons Association. Read more
Niamh Fitzgerald  •  May 08, 2013

Circle of Care for Substance Misuse Recovery

We are delighted to be evaluating the National Circle of Care Proof of Concept Project for STRADA.  The project is looking at how a 'Circle of Care' approach to alcohol and drug service delivery can put service users in the driving seat of their own recovery. Read more
Niamh Fitzgerald  •  May 08, 2013

Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Children

Following our work with Edinburgh last year, we are now conducting a needs assessment of services for children and families affected by parental substance misuse in Midlothian and East Lothian. Read more